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In the heart of Route 66 you will find one of Arizona's most valuable treasures. The beautiful town of Kingman Arizona, conveniently located, has the perfect mix of outdoor recreation and historic charm. The city and its surrounding area are home to a population of nearly 45,000 residents. The town is home to many wonderful, cafes, restaurants, charming shopping areas, great health care and top notch educational facilities. These amenities and more make the town a wonderful place to call home.


Settlers first arrived to the area in the 1850's, searching for gold and scouting the land. In the 1870's several mining camps and cattle grazing operations touched upon the area that was someday to be the historic route 66 town. The town, located within a natural basin was, shortly thereafter, founded in 1882 as a railroad town.

The railroad town grew quickly within its first few years, fueled by the growth of the areas mining industry. In 1887 the bustling young town became the county seat, springing to life new growth and new opportunity. The county seat of Mohave County, has weathered much change and growth in the years following its establishment and continues its legacy of growth and change, today and into the future.

Parks and Recreation

real estate Kingman, AZ

The historic town offers many opportunities for recreation and activity for its residents. Residents of the active town enjoy an array of golf courses, parks, hiking and biking trails. Just southeast of the town is the scenic Hualapai Mountain Park. The park provides a wilderness oasis with facilities for camping, hiking and picnicing.

Attractions and Activities

The historic town pays homage to its routes with the historic Route 66 Museum, the Mohave Museum of History and Arts and the Army Airfield Museum. The town's museums recount the area's long and vibrant history, bringing to life the past for many generations.

Families will love the towns Locomotive Park, here kids and adults alike, will fall in love, as they climb aboard the town's historic steam engine. Take a short walk to the playground at Metcalfe Park and enjoy the towns beautiful tree canopy, playground, or stay and have a picnic.


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The town is host to an array of community events throughout the year. Events, such as the Andy Devine Days Rodeo, The Best of Route 66 Festival and the Andy Devine Days Rodeo, bring the community together and nurture the community's close-knit bond.

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